OAC collects donations from both individuals and corporations in order to run the association. Currently, we only accept donations in Bitcoin and Ethereum, but planning to expand the scope to legal tender in the future.

The names of corporations that donate will be listed on this web page (along with their logos).

*We will be happy to list the names of individuals who wish to do so as well.


また、ご寄附いただいた法人のお名前は (ロゴマークと共に) 本webページに掲載いたします。


Bitcoin and Ethereum

Bitcoin address: 16CzRH5Ry5zfpjpuNxwyhvdm75nQk5WpXN 
Ethereum address: 0x2d2dCBAAef9D82E508B33EE6b5FffdCc90f23Da9 

Legal Tender

Donation form is under preparation.



Thank you very much for your continued support. As of November 23, 2021 (Titles omitted)

日頃よりご支援を賜り、誠にありがとうございます。2021年11月23日時点 (敬称略)